Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Week 50. Donation, New seat and Merry Christmas.

I will be staying at the orphanage for Christmas and then I will be leaving with an improved plan and hopefully some money.

My seat was not good anymore. Because I have been in hospital 3 times for problems with my butt I have now been able to get hold of some Gel to cover the bicycle seat even though it has started to age so I do need to fix it.

Here is how my seat look now,which is not exacly what I ordered. But you have to make do with what you have which is a Jeans seat.

African style viking helm.

Preparing food.

Playing soccer.

Some people have very kindly donated some money to my PayPal and I wish to thank each and every one of you for your generosity in answering my call for help. Foto from left. Namely, these people are:

Petter Guttotmesen. He is my hobby agent and on picture you can see him when he was the worlds hardest Ironeman, Norseman. He also gratefully gave me some money last month. Thank you so much Petter.

Jarred Kalweit who is from USA and has a plan to cycle throughout the US. If you're interested to check his progress you may find him on his blog
It's always nice to see cyclists help each other. Thank you.

Ivan Pivan Plosj who is from north Norway and who we used to work together on a fishing boat for six months. He is now working towards bringing Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland closer together via a Viking Union. Previously he has also shown his generosity by donating some money to me which I thank him for.

Also a dear friend of mine, Maria Haugeland who is also from Norway and who works as a personal trainer in Oslo (Boy is she strong or what!!) I thank you.

Line and Bjorn Brekke. They are from Norway and work together at Brygga Resstaurant. They have just be parents. Thank so much to both.

I received a donation from yet another Norwegian, Anne Marthe Carlsen who I also have worked with in Tonsberg. Im not sure what she ís doing now, but last time I spoke to her she was working as an actress or something and as you can see she is another very beautiful lady who I also thank.

Further thanks go out to an Austrian, Dietmar Duft (no foto) who for the time being I´m not quite sure what he does but I do know that he likes cycling.
To you all I can´t tell you just how much your contributions have helped towards my goal and determinatiom to complete this tour.

As well as these kind people I wish to also thank everyone who I have met so far and who have helped me in one way or another and shown their hospitality on this incredible journey, oh and of course my family and friends.

May I take this opportunity to thank evryone a very Merry Christmas and a very succesful New Year.

With much affection,

Paco (Rune)


Anonymous said...

rune can you please send me ur email

Rune Monstad said...


Bjørn said...

Hei Rune!

Sønnen til Atle her. Kan du sende meg et kontaktnr til deg på

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