Thursday, December 11, 2008

Week 49, Orphan

Show movie from my trip. Orphan.
At the Orphanage

I am still staying here at the orphanage which I like very much and have found to be very rewarding helping out but I do have to make plans for touring the rest of the Africa´s. I have to admit that this Africa trip has been the most craziest thing that I have ever done.
After experiencing intense heat in South America and biking in below zero conditions in Canada during the winter I thought that there could not be any worse or alternative conditions to be had. Then I came to Africa! How wrong could I have been!
AFRICA is definitely something else as anything and everything goes. To date I have cycled in torrential rain as well as intensily hot sun and during those times I have contracted malaria, worms running around the insides of my body and if that´s not enough, gone and got myself a long bout of diarrhoea. Originally I believed and had planned to be cycling in beautiful weather and to travel throughout the Africas with sufficient money. So you might understand why I lost some of my motivation and was getting concerned with my health and now understand what all of my friends back in Madeira had been saying was true but at the time I thought what could they possibly know having not done anything or experienced any of the things that I have?! But now I am here and have a very supportive family who give me what they can to be able to at least eat each day........ for the next six months anyway ($5 per day).
I predict that the forthcoming problems will be that I will need a separate visa for all of the countries that I´ll b e biking through which is will cost approx. $50 US for each country, three of which I am planning to pass through in the next 500kms.
I am grateful to the donations that I have received on PayPal from Margaret Wiig, a Norwegian lady who now lives in Canada and one anonymous gentleman from Seattle who had heard of the time that I was robbed in Seattle and and who felt sorry for me. My goodness, that happened two years ago and people are still talking about it. Simply amazing! My eternal thanks and gratitude go out to you both.

Here in Africa I am being called Paco as everyone found Rune to be too difficult to pronounce.

When to Cycling West Africa.
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