Thursday, April 12, 2007

Weekly Report: I am in the cool city of Montreal

Here is Margaret from Norway and me.

Kim Gjerstad, his father is from Norway.

Two girls from Norway who now live in Montreal gave me a can of soup for my birthday.

Canada 2007, week 15, 8/4 to 13/4 Montreal

I have relaxed at her house for one week now, this is a cool city. Everything is different here from the rest of Canada. Houses, streets, cultures and people are more European.

I have been invited to dinner, one day on Le Scandinave Spa with hot tub and massage. Partied and met lots of people.

Stayed with a Norwegian guy, Kim Gjerstad who has worked for 5 years in the Congo and he has many stories to tell. Whilst with him he helped me with my webpage.

Margaret Wiig arranged a Spa hotel and dinner for me. Nils drove me around the city and took care of me He has travelled around the world doing extreme sports.
My birthday is tomorrow, 14th of April. This is my second birthday on the road. The last birthday I was alone in my hammock in Central America with a bottle wine.

My twin brother left Norway 1 April with his sailing boat and will pick me up in New Foundland.


margaret said...

Hyggelig at du likte deg i Montreal Rune! Det gjorde jeg ogsaa da jeg kom hit for over 30 aar siden! Skulle bare vaert her i 2 aar men som sagt...jeg slo meg ned her for godt..som mange andre norske har gjort. Du er velkommen tilbake naar som helst! Til lykke med foedselsdagen i dag! Vaer forsiktig paa veiene! Haaper aa faa anledning til vaere med paa feiringen i Newfoundland naar du og din tvilling bror skal moetes der! Stor KLEM fra Margaret Wiig

Sophilie said...

Hei! I just heard on tv you were around here today (Trois-Rivières)!!! What a bad weather to enjoy :s I hope the next days can be better for your travelling :) If you need some Bergensfiskesuppe or Gjende cookies ( not too heavy for travelers ;) ), i still have some left! My boyfriend is norwegian and will arrive on May 5th. We plan to drive to Nova Scotia. What is the way you plan to take (from Québec to NewFoundland)? maybe we could meet later on the road! Courage! Ha en fin tur i Québec!

Jimmy Rådberg said...

Stor bursdagshilsen fra oss!! Jimmy, Linn og Tuva. Ta hand om deg road viking så ses vi(eller snakkes) snart. Jimmy and family

Anonymous said...

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