Thursday, April 05, 2007

Me on Norwegian consulate in Ottawa.

Me on Norwegian consulate in Ottawa.

Sunday 1/4 Deep River-Gobden
80km, 5C Head winds all day and rain.

Monday 2/4 Gobden-Arnprior
54km, 8C. Head winds and rain.

Tuesday 3/4 Arnprior-Ottawa
60km, 10C. Tailwinds.

Wednesday 4/4 Ottawa.
Relaxed all day

Thursday 5/4 Ottawa
Relaxed all day

Friday 6/4 Ottawa-Montebello
90km, 5 c. Nice weather. I was offered a room at Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello. The biggest wood hotel in the world. It was so beautiful.

Saterday 7/4 Montebello-Montreol
100km, 10C. Tailwinds today. Invited to stay with Norwegian people here. They fed me supper and beer.

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