Thursday, April 19, 2007

Weekly report: Am in the beautiful city of Quebec.

In Quebec City.

This man invited me to stay, he is a writer. I'm not exactly sure what he writes about.

Week 16
Sun 15/4.Berthierville: 75km,3C. Head wind and more rain.
Mon 16/4.Maskinkonge : 20km,0C. Terrible head wind.
Tue 17/4.Champlain :100km,3C. Head wind and rain.
Wed 18/4.Quebec :108km,5C. Head wind and sun.

I am very tired from all of the head winds I have had, day after day up against bad wind which makes it really hard on your legs and mental state. The last 1.5 months I have cycling into head winds.

Quebec city is really nice with such a great night life. I remembered a George Bush city in South USA (Texas) that had no pub or bar, it was actually a big city.

Many people have said I look like a Viking, also like Forest Gump, surfer, Jesus, misjoiner, Chippendales dancer, Robinson Crusoe, rockstar, homeless, hippie, but never like a cyclist.

I've biked one year now without a hearing aid which I have used since I was 4 years old. I lost it in Colombia so now it is harder to understand what people are saying to me, which makes my accent stronger. Sometimes people don't understand me at all and sometimes I don't hear them very well. It is fun communicating while using more of your sensor's. Because I hear and talk better with my hearing aid, I really miss it right now.

I think I will be here in Quebec until Sunday.

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