Thursday, December 04, 2008

Week 48. Slave Castle,

Ghanaian Ladies.
Elmina Castle, fishing villages.

A few kms from the orphanage there are many castles the most famous being Elmina Castle. Built by the Portuguese in 1482 it is one of the oldest castles in Africa and has since been captured by the Dutch as well as the British.
Most of the European slave market was generated from Ghanaian castles and as many as seven million slaves were shipped out from there.

All of this week at the orphanage, which is a non profit organisation, I have not only been working a little like a teacher with the children but have also been living with them. See more

I have got a bit of a problem getting motivated these days and always being short of money does'nt help. My family have helped me by sending me some every month which naturally I will have to pay back when I eventually return to Norway. This is sufficient enough for food only which of course, I am most grateful for.

I met a French couple at the orphanage and stayed with them for a few days.

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