Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Still in Las Palmas

Hans who sails me to Gambia


Until now I am still in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. This is the capital of the island group on the westcoast of Africa. I had in mind to sail with my brother to Gambia and later to the Ivory Coast. But he had problems with his engine and it took him a week to repair. We had difficulties with money and my brother had to return home. I think that he missed his family. Also that he just became the father of a lovely daughter which will be baptized on the weekend. Do note that he will always be more a family man and the adventures come 2nd.

Problems with the engine.

I met a Swede named Hans who is prepared to sail to Cape Verde and later to the surrounding islands for 2 weeks.He is then sailing onto Gambia and I have decided to join him on board. He is a pensioner who has been sailing around the world for seven years and continues to sail until the sea finally catches up with him. As a 17 year old, he lost all the fingers of his right hand except for his thumb in a working accident but that didn't prevent him becoming a construction engineer and he built his sailboat all by himself. One can only wonder what else he has achieved to have his dreams fulfilled .
Many people ask me about how the book that I am witing about my travels is coming along so, I am using this time in Las Palmas catching up with my diary. Even if I am not able to find a publisher, I have at least tried it. Hans had tried to write 5 books but without luck. It's not easy!
As a safety precaution against mosquitoes, viruses and bacteria I have a large mosquito net, a drinking water filter, and chemicals concerned about possible residues in the filter disposal. These things were sponsored to me by Hesby Sports from Toensberg Norway. I have had all necessary vaccinations and have now got sufficient tablets against malaria and infections. I even have a small box of antidote for snakebites. I am scared most of viruses and bacteria. I reckon the best remedy against malaria is simply not to be stung by mosquitoes!

mosquito net, water filter, safety signs, a lot of chemicals and medicine.Sponsered by Hesby Sport.

My brother gave me a signal horn, a safety rocket and a safety fire against wild animals. Animals are afraid of fire and high tunes. I still have a Rambo type dagger that I received as a gift in Canada. To be quite honest I have the least fear from the animals.

Safety rocket, safety fire and rambo dagger

Phonak hear aid devices gave me a new hearing device and also promised to repair it in case of fault. I felt myself in a new world after a year without my hearing aid. Often I felt excluded in company when I didn't understand anything so be very happy when you can hear normally without having to rely on an aid!

Phonak sponsered me an hear aid.

I am really happy to be soon going on the road again with my bike. I met a Norwegian FN soldier stationed in Liberia who invited me to visit him there. There are many Norwegian aid projects in Africa and also missions, etc. I will visit many of these places. I have to take many things as they come because planning 100% is absolutely hopeless. My plan is to go to Gambia and from there to ride to South Africa and then on to Egypt. How long this will take and what countries I will cross, I really don't know .
Like my previous adventure, when I find a nice place I will remain a few days. I am a little bit worried because for all these countries I do need visas. And a visa for each country may take a long time and can be very costly so I can't plan too much ahead because I don't know when I will reach the respective border or how long it will take me to cross a country. And then there always a lot of questions to answer when I get there like: "Where do you come from?" "Where do you want to go?" "How long do you want to stay?" "What do you want here?" It is so hopeless to plan. I heard rumors that everything at the border can be done by passing a few dollars.

I really hope that we will be sailing soon.


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Good Luck Rune, I can't wait to read more of your adventures in Africa.