Friday, March 14, 2008

Goodbye beer in Madeira

I have now arrived in Las Palmas and have met up with my twin brother. It is so nice to see him again after so long.
We will be sailing off sometime this weekend for Gambia which should take about a week and then I will set off on my new biking venture.

Yesterday was my farewell party in Moynihans Irish bar in Funchal, with my work colleagues from the Savoy Hotel in Madeira. It is not so often that you meet so many nice and sometimes crazy people in the same place. I had such a nice time working there and found myself among a lot of new friends. Everyone there were so nice. They were from a variety of previous professions from doctors, artists, an ex bank boss, even a millonaire, all of who now work there for fun.....and money of course! As well as them there are people who don't like their own country very much, adventurers, ex army who have fought in Iraq, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone as well as people who have some health problems. Right combination so that you can imagine that all of the time it was interesting and fun times. They are really nice people who I will miss immensely and remember fondly during my travels.

Rune Rørtveit from


Guy Barlow,

my boss from


Katrijn from
Belgium, very lovely lady and good friend.

Mark from
England who helps me with
my English now and during my travels.

Doctor Anna and
artist Moud from Sweden.

Alodora and Celina from

Jose from Madeira

Tom from America

Bernard from



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Sagesse said...

Nice to see that You are on Your way to Gambia. We had a very nice week (week no 4 studio 1010)in Madrira thanks to You. We hope You will enjoy yourself during the biking tour. Will bee following your blogg througout Your adventure. A lot of hugs from Kenneth and Anette