Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cape Verde, Caribbean of Africa


I am now in Cape Verde where I shall be staying for one week. During my voyage the Captain said that for the two weeks on board I had to do exactly what he says and that he rules on board....well more or less!!? He stated that :-
1. The Captain is always right!
2. At any time the Captain is wrong paragraph 1 is activated.
3. Together we agreed on a 3rd paragraph which was, every time we need to anchor HE had to buy a cold beer for both of us.

The Captain as in paragraph 1.

The sailing went so well it was almost boring . Everything went so perfectly that we arrived in harbour right on time at Sunrise. All perfect with the time and the wind.
During the trip I thought we would at least experience a small storm, a collision with a whale or something similar. But no, nothing like it. Hans (Captain) said that, "A gentleman sailor never sails badly."

Then my brother was certainly not a great gentleman. He proved that when he tried to pick me up in Canada. He came into a hurricane, had headwinds, was rescued by helicopter, almost sunk by a whale and was almost christianised which is not the worst that could have happened to him. He could almost qualify to be a true Viking.

The route that we sailed from Gran Canaries to Cape Verde.

In total we sailed 950 nautic miles (1759km) in 8 days with an average of 6.3 kmiles.per hour
There were very large waves for the first 3 days which threw the bota about...a lot, so much so that I was seasick for 3 days continuously vomiting most of the time. But at least I lost 5 kg of my beer belly which I had accrued over the last six months.

We passed the day with baking pancakes the way Hans showed me
(1, 2 & 3..... one egg, two parts flour and 3 parts water, a little salt and milk powder). Everyday we had pancakes for lunch and dinner with a small siesta in between.

Hans had bought a new PC and wanted to impress me with his sattelite receiver to the Internet. In his 7 years of sailing he had never seen the spray from the sea enter the cockpit and when it happened he spent the whole evening with small tears in his eyes. I laughed a lot.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is called the African Caribbean and I must agree. It almost felt like I was in Brazil with the rhythm of the drums on the streets and many sexy women. Strange that I never heard of Cape Verde before!? It hasn't been very long that the islands have been discovered for tourism which means that it still has a lot of it's original unspoilt charm and beauty. I am now in Ilha de Sao Vicente which is one of the many islands with a population of about 40,000 people. It is not a fertile island rather, as the Vikings would say, a brown island. But the colonial cities are intact and the landscape is very beautiful.

Fish market.

I had promised to finish my book by the time I arrived in Gambia or never write it. Vikings are not well known for using their heads to achieve something.

I tried to find a new name for my most recent bike. The last one I called “my wife” but sadly she is now deceased. I thought of "Sleipner" but it could be brought together with the big ship disaster. I also thought of "Freya". If anyone has a proposal please let me know. Hans advised me to name it Iduna the godess of youth source. But in Norway, there is a company "Idun" that manufactures ketchup and fries. And believe me these two really do not keep you young!

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Anonymous said...

hey rune... i must say though just for the record that biking through canada is well and good on the impressive side but in the midst of winter.. daaaammmn.. no friggin wonder they thought you escaped from the looney bin.. i ve just read about you in vi menn u cee.. I was thinkin too my self only a couple minutes ago that the way I like winter ( on expense of spending 25 of them recently in tr.heim) someone would have too put a gun too my head too do what u did .. and I still wouldnt have done it.. i would just answer some bullshit line like "yeah and after that Ill pull a F-16 outta my ass for encore.. just aim for the head bitch, sayanora.. " i really just wanted too give you my idea for a name for your bike here it is how about Scylla its from greek mythology one of oddyseus worst perils on his famous journey. just a thought.. anyways stay cool man but not( canada 50 degrees celcius on the minus side) that cool.. best wishes on your future journeys my man.. your friend happily on the sideline of any crazy adventure you participate in.. but nevertheless an adventure too be sure.. i do envy you on many accounts.. best of luck.. Ulric