Sunday, February 11, 2007

The conductors know me well.

The conductors know me well. Every time they see me they blow their whistles.

My first frost burn. I got a lot of good food in Canada to.

Sunday 11/2. Whitewood-Moosomin.
45 km, -25 C. A little bad wind today.
One lady stopped me on the road and invited me for some "Lefse" (a Norwegian food) and also to stay in her house. Couldn't say NO to that, but it was a short trip today.

Monday 12/2 Moosomin- Alexander
130 km, -33 C. Crosswinds today, but sunny.
Invited to stay in house.

Tuesday 13/2 Alexander-Sidney
110 km, - 30 C . Nice weather.
Invited to stay in house.

Wednesday 14/2 Sidney-Portage La Prairie
55 km, -20 C, Nice weather.
Invited to stay in a house, hot tub and swiming pool.

Thursday 15/2 Partage- Winnipeg(Winterpeg)
60 km, - 20 C, 50 km/h side and headwind today. This was one of the hardest days of my trip. The Scandinavian Club has been taking care of me here. I think I'll stay here for a few days wher I've been invited to many things. Should be fun.

Friday 16/2 Winterpeg.
Relaxed, met people from the Scandinavian Club. I was interviewed by the tv, radio and newspaper today. It is so much fun that people are interested in my trip.

Saturday 17/2
Relaxed, invited to stay with the President of the Norwegian Club.


Tanya said...

I'm very impressed by your progress through the very frigid weather. I've been enjoying following your jouney. If you plan to pass through Toronto I can offer a place to stay. Cheers from a fellow cyclist.

Darren J said...

Hi Rune,
It's amazing what you're doing. And the videos are excellent.

I know Toronto might be a long way off at this point, but I just want to let you know we'll have food and beer here waiting for you (if you head this way!).

rev. shawn said...

Saw you last night on the way in to Winnipeg ... Man, it was nasty coming into St Francis Xavier ... but there you were pedalling away. You rock buddy !! Safe travels - and stay warm now that the weather has gotten warmer !!

rev. shawn
minnedosa manitoba

Anonymous said...

Hey Rune,
Nice video of the train. I remember from my own bike across Canada that the train conductors always blew their horn to me as well - and if they were close enough they would be waving out the window as well. And congrats on making it to Winnipeg - half way!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rune,
I agree about the video of the train. It is great! I LOVE trains! I look foward to seeing more videos on your blog.
Mount Vernon, WA USA