Monday, February 19, 2007

Winnipeg, bad crosswind, TV

Global TV

Sidney, Manitoba

Sunday 18/2. Winnipeg.
I spoke to a Norwegian Club as well as to people who have been in ice biking competitions. In the evening I was invited to an Icelander Club dinner.

Monday 19/2. Winnipeg.
Relaxed, worked on my bike today.
Will stay here for a while, work a little and I have been invited to the Norwegian Symphony Orchestra at the end of this month. Must go to that.

Thursday 20/2 to Sunday 25/2 Winnipeg
Relaxed, have been invited to a dinner to speak lecture to a group of people and to go out with guys from woodcockcycle who are crazy on their bikes.



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Anonymous said...

CrossRoads Cafe in Elkhorn, MB (where you stopped for a bite to eat on Monday Feb 12) would like to wish you lots of luck and good health on your journeys.