Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Regina, speaking about my trip.

Regina, speaking about my trip.

Sunday 4/2 Regina
Spoke with some people today and had a potluck supper - everybody brought food. Relaxed all day.

Monday 5/2 Regina

Lectured to a Community School as well as a doctor and his son who I met yesterday. They offered to fix my bike because the handlebars were too low which was hurting my wrists and shoulders, so they rasied them. They also gave me headlights, a tail light, new pedals and new winter studded tires. To think, I biked for an entire year with low handlebars! Now I can sit up easier when I bike! Another lady gave me foot warmers.
I also went to a nature museum - some of it even looked like Norway. We also went tobogganing in the middle of the night. It was fun and there was a lot of snow.

Tuesday 6/2 Regina.
Lectured at a highschool for a group of teachers as well as the pupils. I never thought that I would be lecturing teachers. Fun to meet so many people!
The people who I've been staying with gratefully a pair of much needed new pants.
Invited to a hockey game in Moose Jaw and Regina won 6-3, looked like war again - I guess they must be rivals.
Still waiting for my pad.

Wednesday 7/2 Regina
Chilled out.

Thursday 8/2 Regina
Relaxed. Got my pad back.

Friday 9/2 Regina- Indian Head
65 km, -25. Good wind and sun. Invited to stay in someone's house.
Got my first frost burn on my stomach because I pushed myself too hard and started to sweat which can be dangerous when it's this cold. It was a really stupid thing to do.

Saturday 10/2 Indian Head- Whitewood.
95 km, - 20 C. Sun and nice weather.


Stephen said...

Good stuff Rune, I wish I caught you when you were through Swift Current for a few stories and a few beers. I may have pulled my bike out and made a few miles with you too.

Best wishes and good journeys.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rune, nice to see you are safely in Moosmin. We are now following your journey online. What is next stop? How is that frost burn coming. Your new friends in Indian Head.