Thursday, January 04, 2007

Canada 2007, They closed the road.

Park Ranger drove me back to Jasper, they closed the road.

Here I am on top of Icefield Parkway.
Jasper/Banff National Park.

Saturday/Sunday 30/31/12. Jasper
I met some people from Edmonton and they invited me to stay at their hotel and go to a New Year's party. One of them is of a family from Norway and we had a lot to talk about. It was very enjoyable to stay with them and we had a big New Year's party which lasted all night.

Monday 1/1. Jasper- Athabasca Fall
35km, -2 C. Snow and bad winds all day, which is really what I can without after 2 days of heavy New Year partying. Stayed at Athabasca Fall Hostel, where they give me dinner and were nice company.

Tuesday 2/1 Athabasca Fall- Sunwapta Pass
50km, -3 C. Snow and bad wind today again. A park ranger stopped me and said the road is closed (too much snow)....and I have to return to Jasper which I didn't want so I tried continuing. But that didn't work so they gave me a lift back to Athabasca Fall Hostel. They said when the road opens again they will take me back to the same place where they picked me up, so that I may continue from where I left off. The hostel has kindly offered a free place to stay for as long as the road is closed.

Wednesday 3/1 Athabasca Fall
Road is still closed.

Thursday 4/1 Athabasca Fall
Road open 12 pm today which will be too late to start biking.

Friday 5/1 Sunwapta Pass-Rampart
50km, -15 C. Bike 7 H. experienced all kinds of weather today. Winds from the back, side and particularly strong headwinds which made me having to walk quite a bit, even down hill. Climbed much and used lot of power today. But I love it. They closed the road again in the evning.

Saturday 6/1 Rampart- Icefield parkway.
40km, -3C, Bike 7 H. They opened the road at 11am and then I started to bike. Was so tired after yesterday and felt like hell trying to bike today. I had to walk a lot and it was dark when I finished. I was lucky to get invited to a very nice lodge, and I am able to stay for 2 days free as long as I talk about my trip to the guests and owner. Really nice place in the Rocky Mountains, old cabin style and very nice people.

Thank you list.


People for a Shorter Workweek said...

What an amazing photo of you on the Icefield Parkway! Wow, it looks so cold there! Glad you had the offers of a nice warm place to sleep at the hostel and the Num-Ti-Jah lodge on Hwy 93. Maybe you should bicycle around the islands of Hawaii after you finish Canada in the winter! Stay warm, Rune! Jean

Anonymous said...

Rune! I saw your profile on the news last night - the weather is so bad these days, and only getting worse. You should be in Banff any day now - if you need a place to stay, please call me at (403) 762-7189 and I would be more than happy to find somewhere for you stay, and a good meal.
- Dana Sokoloski