Friday, January 12, 2007

January: Icefield Parkway

Banff national park.

Sunday 7/1 Icefield Parkway.
Relaxed day at Lodge.

Monday 8/1 Icefield Parkway-Lake Luise.
35km, -10 C .Nice weather and much down hill cycling.
Wilson Sport and Hostel in the city gave me free room and food (see thank you list)

Tuesday 9/1. Lake Luise-Banff.
60km, -5 C. A lot of snow, but I had a good wind behind me.
Met a man at a bike store who gave me a place to sleep.

Wedensday 10/1 Banff-Conmore.
25km, -10 C. bad wind today, storm.
Met a doctor and she fixed my badly damaged feet and also gave me a place to sleep and food.

Thursday 11/1 Conmore- Calgary
115km, -28 C in morning, -20 at daytime. Sun all day and good winds behind me all day.
Dr Susan gave me the adress of her sister in Calgary, I will stay there tonight.

Friday 12/1 Calgary.
Relaxed today.

My bike is much too heavy, so I must clean it. My tent is 4 kg and really I don't need such a big tent which is making my bike to heavy (40kg) and which naturally slows me down.

I am still meeting such nice people who invite me home, such friendly people here.


Anonymous said...

This link is not right:
http://vikingcredits, have to take the comma out. Should be

Anonymous said...

Great, you fixed the link! Nice photos!