Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Canada

Mount Robson.

Monday 25/12 Prince G -Purden Lake
50km, -2 C. Nice weather.

Tuesday 26/12 Purden Lake-MCBride
130km, -10 C. Invited to stay in a house.

Wedensday 27/12 MCBride
Relax here.

Thursday 28/12. MCBride-Valemount
40km, -10 C, very bad wind today. Stayed for free in a hotel, so nice.

Friday 29/12. Valemount- Jasper
100km, -7 C. Bad wind. Police stopped me for bad lights, they wouldn't let me bike any more this night and drove me 20 km in to the city.

Letter -

I think it will take a long time to cross Canada, I've met so many nice people and they are always inviting me to stay in their homes. I've been in Canada 30 days and have only slept in my tent 5 nights.

Christmas without my family is a little sad, I miss my family a lot right now.
I am now in a National Park and it is so nice here, I love biking in nice nature.


My thank you list.


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People for a Shorter Workweek said...

I've heard it is a beautiful road from Jasper to Banff, plus it is probably snowing this time of year. I hope you have a nice warm place to stay in a home along the way, but if not, at least you have that great sleeping bag! Have a great trip to Banff.