Saturday, December 16, 2006

December Canada

Biking distance from 12/12 to 12/19.

Tuesday 12/12, Smithers-Housten
70km, 2 Celsius. Nice weather, sun. Sleep in house.

Wedensday 12/12 Housten-Burns Lake
81km, bike 7 H, 1 celsius. Bad wind. Slept in house

Thursday 14/12 Burns Lake-Fraser lake
77km, bike 6 H, -1 celsius. Nice weather. Slept in house

Friday 15/12 Fraser Lake-Vanderhoof
60km, bike 3 H, good wind and mostly sun. Slept in house.

Saterday/Sunday 16/17/12 Vanderhoof
Relaxed today, rode a snow mobile and was invited to a christmas party.

Monday 18/12 Vanderhoff-Isle Pierre
50km, bike 5 H, 2 Celsius, very bad wind today.

Tuesday 19/12 Isle Pierre- Prince George,
50km, bike 2.5 H, 2 Celsius. Nice day.

Wedensday 20/12 to Monday 25/12. Prince George.
Stay here for few days and was invited to cristmas party, meet a lot of nice people.
But cristmas without family is little sad.

I am lucky, many people have invited me to stay in their homes. People are very nice here.
Two police cars have stopped me on the road. It was the first time on my trip that they checked my passport, I belive they think I have run away from a mental hospital or something. But they are friendly and asked all about my trip.

Many truck drivers said they can't see me when it is dark, can't understand that. I look like a Christmas tree!

It is not too cold yet, but people keep telling me that it will be soon.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of lights do you have? Do you have a reflective vest? I found an interesting company that makes some great L.E.D. vests (have blinking lights on them). Go to Maybe they would send you one to wear over your winter coat for free in exchange for you telling people about their products. You probably need an extra large to go over your winter coat. The blinking lights on the vest will definitely help drivers to see you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rune,
I wish I had meet you,,when you stayed in Houston at my mothers house.Sounds like you had some great stories to tell,and I hope you gather some more great stories on your way across Canada.Be safe and I hope to see you one day on your new Harley,have a great trip. Derk

Anonymous said...

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