Sunday, December 10, 2006

Plan for biking Canada in winter.

Plan for biking Canada in winter 2006/2007. Estimated at 6088 km/3783 miles.

30/11 to 3/12
Waiting for my ferry in Port Hardy.

Saterday 2/12
My ferry leaves to Prince Rupert.

Sunday 3/12
Arrive in Prince Rupert. Stayed one night here free in hostel.

Monday 4/12 Prince Rupert-Tyee
40 km, 0 celsius. Rain all day, slept in tent.

Thursday 5/12 Tyee-Terrace
100 km, +1 celsius
Bad wind, bad rain and bad day.
Met a church pastor, I stayed for 3 days.

Friday 8/12 Terrace-Kitwanga
96 km, -2 celsius, little rain. Stayed in a house.

Saterday 9/12 Kitwanga-Smithers
110 km, -3 celsius, rain and snow. Free motel,

There has been a lot of bad weather and my legs aren't quite as strong as they have been.
Sometimes when I'm biking it is dark, snowing and cold. Many cars have stopped and offered me a lift but I've said no thanks to all, but many of them think I am crazy. One day, 15 cars stopped and asked if I was OK? I said I was fine, but not everyone seemed to believe me. Someone called the police to who I said again that everything was OK.

One truck driver stopped and didn't believe that I was fine and he gave me a paper titled "My Struggle with Suicide"!

I met a Pastor in Terrace and stayed at his place for 3 days. He gave me many names and addresses of people I could stay with in Canada. He fixed a new jacket for me too, as my old one was not waterproof anymore. The friendly people of Patagonia sent me a new jacket.
I am definitely learning the hard way as I have never biked in the winter before.

I saw a wolf for the first time in my life, it was so BIG!


People who have helped me on the road, please click on this link.


Jacob Beaton said...

Hello Rune,

We were one of the many cars that stopped - Jessica, my wife, and myself visited with you about 15 KMs outside of terrace, during the rain and snow. I am glad that you made it to Smithers - although we are sorry you didn't come by to visit us in hazelton! People think you are crazy because you have to be crazy to bike Canada in the winter! :) Lucky for you global warming is melting the snow. Good for you, bad for the environment. I hope the rest of your trip is good,



Anonymous said...

Sorry i dont visit you, but thank you for food you give me.
Dont like rain, wont to have the cold. So global worming is not good for me or anyone else. Is sad


Anonymous said...

Hi Rune,

I have been keeping track of your trip since you left Vancouver. I set up a "Google Alert" with your name, and every time a newspaper does a story on you, it shows up. So happy to hear the Canadians are taking good care of you during your trek across Canada. Don't forget that I have a copy of your radio interview with Conrad. I hope you come back to the USA sometime and visit us again when you have time to stay awhile!

Arlington, WA USA