Friday, November 17, 2006

Canada: Snow storm

I woke up in the morning like this in Port Hardy.

So far, I've biked this distance in November.
My goal is to to bike Canada from West (Prince Rupert) to East (New Foundland) in the winter time and mostly on Highways 16 and 1.

Thursday 16/11-06
100km/65miles, good wind, little rain.

Friday 17/11

Saterday 18/11
Party in Vancouver

Sunday 19/11
Vancouver- Parksville in Vancouver Island
30km/18miles. Rain all day, slept in my tent behind a pub.

Monday 20/11
Parkswille- Fanny Bay
45km/27miles. Rain all day, slept in tent.

Tuesday 21/11
Fanny Bay- Duncan Bay
35km/21miles. Rain all day, slept in tent, everything is wet. Police stopped me, no light and helmet. Only a warning, no ticket. Whew!

Wednesday 22/11
Duncan Bay- Sayward
64km/38miles. Rain/snow all day. Met a kind lady and will stay with her and get my things dried.

Thursday 23/11 -Sunday 26/11
Sayward. Will relax here for a few days. My ferry will not go before wednesday.
Cool hippie place with a nice live band which plays every Friday. Enjoying my time here.
Sunday 26/11
Sayward- Woss
84km, Temp -3 C
Snowed all day. Sleep behind a pub in my tent.
Monday 27/11
Woss- Port Mcneill
63km, Temp -6 C
Mostly windy and many small hills to climb. Invited to sleep in house.

Tuesday 28/11
Port Mcneill- Port Hardy
45km, Temp -10 C
Nice weather all day, but starting to get cold.

Wedensday 29/11
Waiting for my ferry now. One of the ferries had sunk, so now there is only one ferry. They said that it is scheduled for today but the weather is too bad. I now have to wait until Saturday.
I have been invited by a fisherman to stay at his house.


Anonymous said...

It was great having you here in Arlington, WA, and I am glad you are enjoying your visit in Vancouver, with my friend, Conrad. Also glad you got to meet cyclists Robert and Kyle in Bellingham. Have a good trip across Canada! JW

Frank said...


What luck that I happen to see you in Chinatown in Vancouver! You one one crazy Norwegian for attempting to bike across Canada in winter! I wish you well on your journey!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Rune,

Here is a copy of your radio interview with Conrad Schmidt of the Work Less Party in Vancouver, BC. For others who are reading this message, Conrad's radio show is called "Pedal Revolutionary", which he hosts every two weeks at CITR Radio in Vancouver. If this link does not work any more, contact Conrad at for more information. Congratulations on such a GREAT interview, and have a great trip across Canada. It was a pleasure meeting you!Cheers! Jean

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Anonymous said...

Good to meet you as you passed through Bellingham, WA. a while back.

I forgot to say that there is a place called Norway Hall right behind the house I rent a room at. Have never been inside that place, but hear that an organization called "Sons Of Norway" has pancake feeds there. They fly the Norwegian flag.

Hope there is enough room on the side of snowy roads for you to cycle. I bike tour in summer months, but haven't tried it in winter, except here around the county, basically with-in 40 miles. I have never owned a car.

One time I crossed one of our mountain passes in the winter on a Greyhound Bus. Noticed the snow was piled high on road sides like being in a tunnel.

On my bike, I avoid tunnels.

Hope there is enough room on the side for you.

From the comfort of the heated bus, I saw huge snow ploughs with things on the front that looked like massive fans. The fan / auger devices ground up the snow and blew it way up over the snowbank on the side. It was impressive to watch. Big diesel ploughs that looked like railroad locomotives.

I have crossed USA two different years by bike, but it was in summer. Gone on some sort of trip every summer for the past 22 years. Travel around town and county, by bike the rest of the year.

This past week, however, the snow does stop me from biking. I walk, or take the bus when the streets are covered with ice. There are some cyclists still out there, but one could call me a "fair weather cyclist."

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