Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Still Waiting for Passport

My passport still hasn’t arrived from Norway and it looks like I'll have to wait one week more.

I am still enjoying meeting many people in Seattle. I am lucky to have received some warm clothes, cooking equipment, sleeping bag, and some other things for my bike trip across Canada this winter. It is so generous of people to do that! REI, Outdoor Research and Second Ascent have helped me out with preparing for my trip, too.

I spoke at the Leif Erickson Hall in Ballard for a "Sons of Norway" meeting. I was very proud when they invited me to become a member. They have organizations all over the USA and Canada. I look forward to meeting more of these Norwegian people along the way, as it is always nice to have some Norwegian food once in awhile too!

My twin brother might be able to come for a visit next week with his daughter who is 4 years old! I haven’t seen them in 1.5 years. I really look forward to seeing them! I miss them so much.

Unfortunately my camera is broken now, I have a warranty but it will take one month before I could get it back. It is a bummer, I can’t wait one month.

I was filmed on Northwest Afternoon last Friday, they will be showing it this afternoon at 3pm. Hope it turns out okay!?

In about 14 days I will start to bike to Vancouver, then Vancouver Island up to Port Hardy. I plan to take a ferry to Prince Rupert in Northern Canada and from there head across to eastern Canada.

I was invited to a party today with only women present. I’ll write more about what happens next time...



AZApoker Entertainment said...

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Sammycat said...

Hei Rune! Jeg er Canadisk og min mann Roar og jeg har flytter til vancouver fra Oslo - Roar er fra Lillestrom. Ring oss nor du er i Vancouver og vi kan lage deg en godt middag- du kan sende meg en brev.


Lisa M. said...

Hey Rune,

Thanks for coming to our "women only" meeting tonight. It was great meeting you and hearing about all of your adventures. I am determined to get you out for a bike race while you are in Seattle.