Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Brother is Coming to Seattle!

Picture: Cyclecross in Seattle.

My twin brother and his daughter are coming next Wednesday, November 1st. He will be here visiting for one week. Haven’t seen them for 1.5 years. I miss them a lot. My brother and I are a dance team, a little rock n’ roll and Norwegian dance, too. Maybe we should have a dance show at the Norwegian Norse Home while he is visiting. We will see.

My passport still hasn’t come yet, some problems with mail from Norway they say. Hope I get it by next week. It is a problem not having ID as I can’t get into bars. I always try to explain that my passport was stolen, but sometimes it doesn't work.

Last week I went to the party with only ladies, I talked about my trip and they asked many questions. One of the ladies, Lisa Miller, invited me to a cyclecross competition last Sunday. I thought I was strong, but that was so hard and different from the riding I have done. I was one of the last people to get in! It was great fun anyway and I am now a new member of "Team Second Ascent" in Seattle. I am very honoured.

I went to the Nordic Heritage Museum, it was a nice museum. They wanted to have my bike when I finish my trip and put it on display. I think they were joking.

I am still meeting people and everyone is so nice to me. Show me around and I really see the culture here. I am staying with a nice family on Phinney Ridge (Seattle), Cindy and Tim Johnson.

Joe Sheard and Mikkel Al have helped me with winter gear and tips on the road.I think I have most of the things I need to bike across Canada this winter. I hear that it could be -50 degrees. Can well be too dangerous to have a leak!

I am anxious to bike again, as when you bike everyday it becomes a drug. When you stop biking it can be depressing, like hangover. Relaxing for 1- 2 week is ok with me, but not 1 month. I’ve never stopped biking for so long before.


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Anonymous said...

du glemte aa nevne at du er tunghort i profilen din....hehe. TEDDY