Friday, October 06, 2006

Hanging Out in Seattle

The media has reported what has happened to me this last week, but I want to write more myself about what I have been doing. Since I was on T.V. and in the newspapers here, I have attended a benefit at the Norse Home on Phinney Ridge near Ballard. It was very nice and I had a great time and there were many people speaking Norwegian.

I also spoke at a high school in Enumclaw, about 40 miles southeast of Seattle. There were around 400 teenagers, I really had fun there. They asked about everything and took a lot of photos.

I have also been on a sailboat in a competition on Puget Sound, but it was bad as there was no wind! So, after 5 hours we started the motor and turned back. Still, it was fun.
Have been enjoying the chance to meet many people over dinner, a beer or coffee.

Tonight I have been invited to a bike club party in downtown Seattle which I think will be fun.
Second Ascent sportstore in Ballard will fix my bike before I start to cross Canada in winter time from West to East. Very friendly people.

People are so cool in Seattle.

Rune Monstad


Erik Hansen said...

Greetings from Norway...
Just wanted to thank you for all the great stuff you sent to Kjetil.. He was very pleased.
Have a nice trip.


Erik Hansen said...

Me again... Kjetil wanted to know what the kind of "rocks" you sent him, in the little plastic bag?


Trish said...

Hi, I am a student at Enumclaw Highschool and I just wanted to say thank you for coming and talking to us! You were really funny and I had fun, I'm glad you did too!


Becky said...

Hey Rune,
Owen is on his way over to read your site. We talk about you often and wonder how you are. Great to catch up.
Becky & Tracy (on the bayou)