Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Week 42. Monstadbygg pay school to children.

Bush food.

I didn't do much cycling this week but still managed to meet some nice people as well as staying with this family of about 10 who all live together in a back garden. I can tell you that you are never alone there and there is always something happening. I sat watching some people preparing food, others washing clothes, children playing, animals roaming around........total chaos all the time! One kid was so unhappy because he had to kill a chicken for the first time, that the grandfather who is the chief was quite angry and so the kid just run away.
There were 3 children aged 8 - 9 years old who never went to school because you have to pay for school and which parents' can't simply can't afford. There are so many poor people here who don't understand the point of school as they never went themselves.
I called my brother and asked him if he wanted to help pay for them to go to school and he said yes so I went to the school and paid about 200 us dollar which will be enough for 5 years food and schooling.
I don't think that I have ever seen so many happy children going to school before. They were smiling all day and were so proud. They got their school books and I bought a school bag for them.
I felt so good that day, and it goes to show that it doesn't take too much effort in order to change peoples life for the better.
Some of the children were orphans and there was also one father who has mental problems due to the war. Mostly all the families were poor and all living in one room.
A girl going to school for the very first time.
I have never seen kids being so happy to be going to school.


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