Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cant belive it, get sponsored for new bike

My new TREK 6500 with Stein Varjord.

My new friend, Petter Guttormsen who helped me to get my new bike. I talked a lot with him on msn and he has really worked hard to get me my new bike.

Stuff for my bike

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Lars Harrysson said...

Well, some guys are lucky. It looks like you are going to get a great start for your new adventures. Africa, was it?

Sounds great.

Thanks for some interesting and nice evenings when we visited Madeira. Time just fly by, and suddenly 3 months have passed.

I hope your stay with the former soccer player has turned out ok. A nice bloke, please give him my regards.

Bev is in Australia at the moment catching up with her folks. In Perth I think, but I am not sure. Somewhere in Western Australia.

Cheers from Sweden

Lars (and Bev)