Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sailing to Gran Canarien


Island Selvagen.

I am still working in Madeira at Hotel Royal Savoy and I will be there until after Christmas.
My brother has been visiting me and he wanted to sail to Gran C. Two friends of mine joined us and it was a very nice trip. Good wind and sun all the time.
We surfed on the waves which was unbelievably fast and fun. We nearly sailed over a dead whale, got a lot of fish and sailed with the dolphins.....


My brother and I got too much sun as well as serious headaches which helped us to throw up all our food. For a Viking that`s normal. Whilst the Captain was asleep, the rest of us inexperienced sailors got ourselves lost when the wind changed and we panicked. But Captain brother came to our rescue and saved us.

Rune Rørtveit from North Norway, who was a chef before, prepared good hearty food.
We went to a nature reservation island and met one crazy doctor who studies birds. He showed us around the island, and when he found dead birds he was so emotional that he wanted to kiss and talk about them.


I go back to Madeira Monday 31/9/07



Anonymous said...

Hi Rune, looks like you are enjoying life and the ocean a lot. I am now in Geneva and am leaving for Austria tomorrow for a couple of days before returning to Rondane. All the best, Margaret

Sandra Beggs said...

Hi Rune...nice to see you and your brother re-united. It's always fun to see where you are and what you are up to. Congratulations on crossing Canada in the Winter. Astonishing feat. All the best, David and Sandra Beggs. British Columbia.