Saturday, June 16, 2007

Weekly report: My brother blown to Africa.

This is my twin brother Stig Monstad.

The plan was for him to come to Canada and pick me up. But everything is changed,he ran into so much bad weather and he sailed at the wrong time of the year so he had to stop. He tried to sail to Azorene(middle of the Atlantic Ocean) and was only one day from there when he sailed into a storm and got blown way off course to Africa.
He was worried that his girlfriend will end the relationship if he continued, so he stopped!
My visa in Canada will expire 30 June so I will fly out before then and go to see my brother in Africa and sail around there.


Anonymous said...

Hei Rune...det er sikkert en synes at det var nok rett aa ta rev i seilene og kommes seg fortest paa land...uansett hvilket! Skal du bort til Hottentottene i Afrika...eller hvor skal dere moetes? Saa ingen av dere kom til l'Anse aux Meadows...dere faar ha det til gode. Jeg hadde faktisk tenkt meg dit fir aa feire med dere...i juli men jeg faar ogsaa ha det til gode. Jeg drar til Norge den 25. august og blir der til midten av oktober. Delvis i Moss og delvis i Rondane. Ring om du kan foer du forlater Canada ....! Marg.

Sophilie said...

Oh! Wise decision!!!
Any plans to bike through Africa? ;) If you feel so, keep your blog active so we can see where around the world you are! and how (bike, boat) you are travelling :) Have you ever biked through Norway? from Kirkenes til Lindesnes as sing Finn Kalvik...
Likke til !

Rodrigo said...

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