Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Weekly report: Leave Canada

I have been in St John's for 2 week now. I met 2 other bikers here and spent a lot of time with them. Mike is planning to bike across Canada, but I think may change his mind and bike around the world now.
Adrian crossed Canada last year and raised 200,000 dollar for The Keg Spirit Foundation. It is amazing how he does that. He has really taken care of me and has made me a contact with Planeterra G.A.P adventures.
Robert Collingwood from the Norwegian consulate gave me some work. He has a company who makes water and vodka of iceberg. Iceberg could be 15,000 years old and it is cool to drink water from snow which the Viking's were doing 1,000 years ago. He took us on a boat trip to see the icebergs and we gave it the test Viking style.
There will be pictures of icebergs later as for now my camera is broken.
Margaret Wiig helped me find a cheap air ticket from London to Africa. I love it here.
I will leave St John's tomorrow and go onto London where I will stay for 2 days with some friends, then onto Madeira where I will meet my Brother Stig, The Viking Sailor.


Anonymous said...

Fare well Rune! I am wishing you the very best for your future...your biking, many new friends and supporters all over the world! Hope to meet you and your twin brother as well as your mother some time in Norway! It was fun and a priviledge to become one of your supporters!
Margaret Wiig

Anonymous said...

Farewell Rune! I also wish you the best for your future! I really enjoyed doing the public relations work for you across Canada! I would also love to meet your brother and mother and get to see you again! I have always wanted to go to Norway. Happy travels!
Jeanette Watkins

Elinor said...

Rune, what an adventure you have been on. thank you for coming through Canada and the opportunity to work with us. I hope we can meet up in Africa in october to see our project.
Elinor Schwob, Planeterra Foundation