Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One lady stopped me on the road...is to dangerous.

This map shows how far I have traveled on my bike.

Sunday 28/1. Medicine Hat- Tompkins
146 km, -5 C. Good wind and nice weather. Slept in park.

Monday 29/1 Tompkins- Swift Current.
77 km, - 13 C . Much side wind, but nice weather. Slept in house.
One lady stopped me on the road and didn't want me to bike anymore. She said that it is too dangerous, she wanted to give me ride. I said no thank you, but had to talk to her for 20 minutes before she let me go. Anyway, she called the police and they came. This has actually happened to me many times now. The police man said he will send an e-mail to all police stations along the road and tell them about me, let them know I don't need help if someone calls. It is a nice little story. I got flat tire number 106 today, I asked one man if I could fix my tire inside his house. Too cold outside.

Tuesday 30/1 Swift Current
Relaxed today. A lot of Skandinavian people live here, I was invited to dinner with some of them and talked about my trip. There were about 20-30 people and it was fun! Two of the people are from the same village where my mother grew up in Norway. The world is not so big, really.

Wednesday 31/1 Swift Current-Chaplin
80 km, -15C Sidewind. Invited to stay with a farmer, he has 1,000 head of caddle.

Thursday 1/2 Chaplin-Regina
150 km, -23 C. Very good wind behind me all day. This day is one of my best days on my trip, felt like I was flying. I got a kick out of it. Was invited home by a pastor.

Friday 2/2 Regina
Will stay here a few days, I have a problem with my pad and have to wait for a new one. The pastor I am staying with here has been helping me out. I was invited to speak to some people tomorrow about my trip and winter biking, I think it will be fun.

Saturday 3/2 Regina.
Spoke to about 40 people and it was fun. Some of these people invited me home and said I could stay with them until I get my pad back.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a story, Rune! At least there are people out there on the road in case you really need help!


Anonymous said...

Rune ,We ar ehappy to see that you are ok in the praries and hope you find a warm place for the weekend.We really enjoyed your stay with us in medicine hat your welcome back any time.Perhaps to give us dance lessons!!!
kelly and john

Anonymous said...

All the best Rune. I was biking in NYC in 18 degree weather and I thought that was cold. kin

Anonymous said...

Hey Rune,

What a great adventure. It's wonderful the way you came up with a "crazy" idea like biking across the Americas and now you're really doing it, despite extreme cold and all the other obstacles. Like a dreamer who really carries out his dreams. Just make sure you don't freeze to death or get run over, man! I don't want this blog to have a sad ending! Best of luck--
Lykka til from Regina, Saskatchewan

John's Sister said...

HI Rune,
I don't know if John gave you our wrong number and address but it's Folnovic! Give us a call and leave a message if you get the machine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rune!
Your website is great. Good time last night. I hope you have many safe journeys and wish you very good luck.


Jason de Graaf said...

Wow, what an awesome adventure. I live in near Montreal, Quebec and cycle all year long...I went for a 3 hour ride last week in -18C and was totally knackered after...so I can't even imagine how it is for you. I wish you a safe journey Rune!

Trepid Explorer said...

And they said we were mad to do it in Summer. Good luck Rune.

Advice? Spend as little time as possible in New Brunswick

RM Lewis said...

Rune - done like a true Norwegian!! if you hit the roads of Southern Ontario you have a place to stay !!!!rmlewis@neptune.on.ca -near Newmarket Ontario ... We would be happy to put you up and hear your stories... A fellow Icebiker

Anonymous said...

Im in grade 9 in a regina school, and my teacher told us about you, and she said she had the chance to meet you. she told us about your trip and that you had a blog! i think that is cool. i dont live in regina but i go to school there. I live vary close to belle plaine, sk. and i seen you riding your bike, so thats why im so interested in your stories and blog.

Anonymous said...

haha its the kid in grade 9 again! just thought id tell you that im part Norwegian.. haha

i think you are amazing!!

Alastair said...

great stuff! Sitting in a warm house in London, with a warm bed waiting for me tonight: I feel jealous for your adventures!!
Keep on going!