Thursday, January 25, 2007

Flat and no snow here right now.

Medicine Hat - Really flatland and no snow here right now.

Sunday 21/1 Calgary
Relaxed day.

Monday 22/1 Calgary-Strathmore
60 km, +5 C. Nice weather and wind. Slept in tent.

Tuesday 23/1 Strathmore- Brooks
130 km, +8 C, Nice weather and wind. Invited to sleep in house.

Wednesday 24/1 Brooks- Medicine Hat.
115 km, +8 C, Little bad wind. Biked 5 hours in the dark which sometimes I like as it is different. Slept in the park with my tent.

Thursday 25/1
A newspaper here helped arrange a hotel for one night. I will also be giving a talk to some people tomorrow in Starbucks Coffee shop at 6 pm.

Friday 26/1
Chilled out for most of the day. Talked to some 15 - 20 people about my trip in the evening, which was great fun. One of them invited me home and also fixed my bike for me. (look at credits link) .
Saturday 27/1
I was invited to a hockey game today, which will be the first hockey game I have ever been to. Medicine Hat won 7-2. Looked like a war out there, fighting and black eyes. They also announced my name in this game so I had to stand up. Was fun. Invited to a party in the evening. Thoroughly enjoyed my time here.



Debi in Seattle said...

Hi Rune,
Wow, what an adventure. I wish I had known about your trip when you were in the Seattle area. My loss. I would like to know if you plan on selling any photos of your trip while you are out. You know, you could make a real good profit if you made arrangements for someone to sell them, especially the Wagon In Montana. That is one Cool shot! Keep up the cycling and I'll keep checking the website to follow your travels.

Jean said...

I agree about the photos! Rune, you have some great ones! Maybe you can write a book when you are finished with the trip. Cheers!

Chris Labelle said...

hey! my sister, Kaylynn Hohensinn told me all about you and the story she did on you in medicine hat. its amazing what your doing and i hope all goes well for the rest of your trip!