Monday, October 02, 2006

I Love Seattle

This story goes over the whole world.

My first time on Komo4 tv.

My second time on Komo4 tv.

My third time on Komo4 tv.
TV Show.

Help to Kristina
I am so grateful for the help and encouragement I have receive from so many people after being robbed. I am still working on replies to many of the e-mails. Thank you for your support!!


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Honeycat said...

Sometimes as hard as it is to understand, some things happen for a reason, although the reason may never be known, just look at what you have
gained. New friends, spending time in
the most beautiful city in the world(yes I am a native), and a renewed trust in human nature. Your story has brought so much joy, when
happy outcomes are sometimes few and far between.
You love Seattle, and Seattle loves
you too!!!