Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 37:Liberia, Bad roads.

Bad road, but was beautiful nature and nice weather with sky for the sun. Think I past 4 check point today. No problem, they only wont to know what i do, how far i cycling........
I come little to fast to one big dump and i almost fall down. I hear a terrible sound from the bike and was sure my frame was broken now. Look everywhere and my frame was ok. But 2 spoke in front wheel and 7 spoke in back wheel get broken. My back wheel is bad now and I jumping up and down when I cycling on my crooked wheel after thats..
Was invited to stay with the border police in Cote d Ivoire today. They speak French, but one of they speak English so I have a nice time with them.
I show them some picture from my trip and they love the picture from Colombia where I stay with the army.

The Ivory Coast has 17 million inhabitants. There has been civil war here to and it is still quite unsafe. People hope for peace in the near future, but many believe that there will be war again. The UN are here of which I have passed 2 UN checkpoints and 4 military checkpoint in one day.
One good thing that comes out of the rainy season is that everywhere everything has turned into vibrant shades of green. There are more mountains here and so much more beautiful nature. It is so pleasant and rewarding when biking in with so much beautiful nature around.
I stayed in a guest house for 2 dollar per night. There was a shower that actually had water, albeit cold and there aws even electrical power. I have to say that it's been a very long time ago since I've seen anything like that in a guest house.
Would you believe it, I've gone a got diarrhea again! I can't tell how boring this is. Usually the stomach gets stronger after some weeks with different bacterias but that's certainly not happening to me! I got so little sleep as I was on the toilet all night. I really hope that things will be better tomorrow.

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