Monday, May 26, 2008

Update from Gambia


First i want to tell you a little bit about my bike. I got it from Foss Sykkel/Trek Norway who made it to my specifications. I didn't want any damping-fork because it might be hard to repair here in Africa. I have lots of different handle-bars so that I can change cycling-positions whenever I want. Spinn(cycling-shop in Norway) gave very nice lights to use on my bike. They have no batteries and are flashing every time when the wheels rotates because of the magnet. I was VERY impressed as they work so well. This is real high-tech stuff. I also have extra chains, cycling clothes, tyres and pumps. Spinn Cycle shop in Norway gave me the equipment and Trek Norway gave the bike. Petter Guttormsen who is my agent fixed this deal for me.

I made four real homemade water-bottles here in Gambia. My brother gave me a horn and some distress flares so that I can use if animals are getting to close to me.
Here you see a picture of the horn on my bike:

When my bike is fully laden with all of my equipment, it get to-o-o-oo heavy. So very often I have to clean it up. And having an old heavy laptop doesn't help either. Feels like I'm carrying a washing-machine. hehe. Also I have a big tent enough for three persons, because when I stop I have my bike inside the tent. Remember, my bike is my wife now. :) Madrass, food, clothes, camera, videocamera and lots of medicines.

Many locals ask me to help them with different medical problems and they are also asking me for medicines. I really do wish that I could help them, but I am not a doctor. I recommend them to visit a doctor or buy medicines, but they don't have money for medication which is bad. I really feel sorry for them.

I have visited a school in Banjul in Gambia which has links with Norway, here is a picture:

The bike is working very well so far and I am looking forward to using it more. My brother has helped me with some money which is a great help. It's now much easier to obtain money from the cash dispensers because the machines aren't so far apart as they have been.
Next step is to get to Mali, east of Gambia.

Updates and many pictures will follow soooooon.......

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