Saturday, June 02, 2007

Weekly report : Speaking at a High School

Week 22


It was great being invited to speak at a High School. It was so much fun.

Weekly letter.
Relax all week.

Bike related.
Have fixed my bike a little, new handlebar. New seat, and now it's really soft and good. The seat was designed especially for someone who sprnds their time in a wheelchair most of the time so that's is why it is so comfortable. A young man who has spina bifida gave me this seat, when he read about my sore arse.

About the place.
I'm now in Pasadena which is a famous Valley. It is beautiful with a good salmon river. Many rich and retired soccer players live here,like Ian Marshall.

Another things.
Relax with one nice family from Norway here and I helped with yard work. So nice to feel normal sometimes.
Have spoken to some high schools around here and received 55 dollars for the first time for giving a lecture. This was really appreciated.

I played poker with some Newfoundlanders in a basement and am now a member of this klubb for the rest of my life. The Newfie Underground Porker Club we call ourselves, it was fun.

My brother(vikingsailor) is in Spain with his sailboat and will leave Sunday June 3.
I will go to St John's and ask for an extension on my visa which expires 30 June. Hopefully they will let me stay in Canada longer.
Will stay there and wait for my brother and see what happens.
I have no idea where we will go after Canada. The plan was Caribbean, but now the hurricane season has started...we will need to avoid that!

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