Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekly report: Viking in Novia Scotia.

Week 18, Novia Scotia

1000 years old viking(Runic) stone in Yarmouth. They are not 100% sure that it is the Viking's that have written this. Some of the words they do not know, but I said...that is a Viking's writing, they were only a little drunk or maybe stoned on the famous Novia Scotia mushroom when leaving their mark.

These are the most holy people in Canada with a church every 5 km. If you ask for directions, they answer you like this. "Take a left after church number 4, then a right after church number 2....."

Week 18.
Mon 30\4:45km, 16C, Saint John. Slept in House
Tue 1\5:105km, 15C, Yarmouth. Slept in tent
Wed 2\5:92km, 17C, Clyde. Slept in tent.
Thu 3\5:105km, 15c, Liverpool. Slept in tent.
Fri 4\5:80km, 15C, Mahone Bay, slept in nice hotel.
Sat 5\5:110km, 15C, Halifax, slept in house.

Am staying here for a few days to find some things out - like money, extending my visa here in Canada, and fix my bike- then on to the next plan...


Jean said...

Great photos, Rune! Glad you made it to Halifax. It looks like a lovely place, and you are meeting such interesting people! It won't be long before you get to where the Vikings first landed!

Kim said...

Fine bilder, kuul video av chainsaw (du maa fortele oss mer om det, hva han gjor? hva hetter han? neste gang, du maa lager interview som vi sees paa NRK!).

sommeren har kommet her. delig vaer, kvinner og alt.

god tur!