Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Weekly report: Anne of Green Gables.

Cavendish, the house from "Anne of Green Gable"

Economy: This poor dog died the day after I left.

Week 20.
Sun 13\5:00km, Economy, relaxed. Sunny all day.
Mon 14\5:78km, Hebert River. Rained all day. Invited to a house.
Tue 15\5:85km, Borden. Rained all day. Invited to house.
Wed 16\5:55km, Cavendish. Rained all day. Slept in tent.
Thu 17\5:81km, Eldon. Rained all day. Slept in tent again.
Fri 18\5:65km, New Glascow. Rained all day, invited to stay in a house.
Sat 19\5:66km, Antigonish, Rained all day, slept in tent.

I was invited to stay a few days in a hippie type of town and learned a little about organic food, yoga, art and a peaceful lifestyle which I liked. One of the ladies had a dog that was ill and was in a lot of pain while I was there. The dog would not lay down all day because it seemed he was sure that his bed caused the pain so, after a short time on the floor he moved again because he was still in pain. It was such a nice dog . Sadly he died the day after I left.

I was also invited to stay with a man that has an old style food store. He was quite athletic when he was young but unfortunately he now has problems with pain in his legs. It is so bad and nothing seems to help which makes him feel like giving up. I heard that he is now in the hospital now. I do hope that they are able to help him. We played darts and drank beer with his friend. I really enjoyed my time with them.

I also stayed with a man that was in the army, he was a sniper. He went to Yugoslavia and someone tried to shoot him so naturally he shot back and killed him. East Canada has many people who are in the army .

I saw the house from "Anne of Green Gables," it was a little different than I had expected. There were many tourists golfing around the house which was a little sad.

I am really tired of the bad weather now, there was even snow one day this past week. There has been so much rain that I think I have become mouldy.

Upto now I have been in 5 time zones in Canada.

4 days ago my twin brother left on his own to France with his sailboat and will go to Azolene just outside of Spain. I think he will be in Canada the beginning of July, but meanwhile much can happen. I am sorry his blogg is only in Norwegian, but hopefully it will be in English soon!

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Laurie Henry said...

It was a pleasure meeting you Rune. I'm sorry I was ill and never got to meet you more than a few moments.