Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Biking -25/30 Celsius.

One of my warmest day in Canada

Sunday 18/3 Terrace Bay-Marathon
80km, +1C. Sun all day. Slept in tent

Monday 19/3 Marathon- White River
92km, -5C. Good wind and nice weather. Slept in my tent.

Tuesday 20/3 White River- Wawe.
95km, -25C. The weather changed fast today, cold, warm then cold again. Slept in house.

Wednesday 21/3 Wawe-???
50km, -5C. My tyre burst and had to get a lift to Sault Ste Marie, 180km away. Stayed in a very nice hotel. The owner had biked in Africa for 4 months,www.youbetican.com

Thursday 22/3 ????
80km, 5C. One car drove me back to the same place where my tyre burst. I slept in a cabin.

Friday 23/3 ????-Sault Ste Marie
100km,-5C. Nice weather, but bad winds. Slept in the same hotel today. Was invited to go out with people from a bike club.

Saterday 24/3 Sault Ste Marie
Relaxed today, hung around with the owner of a bikestore www.veloroution.com


Sean said...

Hi Rune

That's a very nice photo, of Terrace Bay. It's tough that +1C is warm weather for you! My girlfriend is from nearby - Traverse City, Michigan - and we will go visit this summer. Hope your trip is going well, it sounds like it's lots of fun.

Best of times,

Tanya said...

Its supposed to get up to 21C today in Toronto :) Are you going to pass through Toronto or does your route stay further north?