Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Police take care of me.

I had the pleasure of the company of two bike patrol officers and one police car for a short time. Many accidents with trucks have happened along here. The police enjoyed listening about my trip, so they biked with me for fun. Also, they found places for me to sleep on the road and very often in other police officers' houses. I found them very friendly.
Fishing in Kenora.

Sunday 4/3 Winnipeg-ST Anne
90 km, -25C. Very bad crosswind so I found myself walking. A nice lady gave me a motel room and food. I was also invited to play curling for the first time in my life which was great fun.

Monday 5/3 ST Anne-Falcon Lake
85 km,-20C. Some bad winds today. I got a free room in a hotel today, hot tub.... Luxury!!

Tuesday 6/3 Falcon Lake-Kenora
70 km,-15C. Wind is a little bad, but the scenery is nice.
The last 2 months of biking was over flat terrain with much snow and desert. Now...there are many lakes, rocks and trees, it is very beautiful.
A cycling policeman escorting me to Kenora. (I think the police are afraid of long haired bikers) I've been invited to stay with a Danish family and tomorrow we are going ice fishing.

Wednesday 7/3 Kenora
Relaxed, ice fishing today and I caught one fish. Fun.

Thursday 8/3 Kenora.
Relaxed, was ice fishing all day, I caught a trout.
A bike store here is repairing my bike. I gave lectures at two schools for younger children today and it is very fun interacting with kids. They ask about everything and get very excited!

Friday 9/3 Kenora-Eagle River
86km, -5C. It is beginning to be much warmer now. I've had the company of a police biker, Hotse De Jong and slept at his house.

Saturday 10/3 Eagle River-Dryden
102km, 5C. I think this is the warmest day I've had in Canada. It is so nice to feel sun and warm weather. I still have the company of a police biker who is "sceptical of long haired bikers." Slept at the police officers house.

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